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Design Your Divorce Strategy to Successfully Navigate Your Divorce

Are you concerned about...

  • How to understand and manage the divorce process and costs?

  • How to manage your mindset & be emotionally strong?

  • How to negotiate the best financial outcome for you?

  • What your future looks like after divorce?

  • How to deal with the behaviour of your ex?

Yes? Then I can help you.

I will help you create the right divorce strategy to navigate the challenges of divorce.

Working together you will become stronger, more resilient, in control, a better negotiator and ready to live a positive life after divorce. 

Jonathan Burston

Divorce Strategy Coach & founder of Fearless Divorce


The Proven System to Easily Navigate Your Divorce, Become More Resilient & Save Money

The Strategic Model to Manage Your Divorce Successfully

The 4C Model was developed by Jonathan to successfully navigate his own divorce. Since then the 4C Model has been widely and successfully used by many others who, like you, are also navigating their divorce.

Do you want to approach divorce differently? Do you want to ensure you don't waste time, money and your emotions on your divorce? Then the 4C Model is for you.

The 4C Model is the foundation to Jonathan's coaching and to his online transformational programs.

Jonathan's programs are unique. They combine the latest mindset meta-programs with business strategy and professional negotiating techniques to help you positively navigate your divorce.

These programs reduce stress, improve your mental well-being, build your resilience, reduce legal costs, improve how you negotiate your financial settlement and speed up the divorce process.

Divorce is not difficult if you know how to navigate it. Jonathan's step by step coaching and programs break it down into simple easy to follow steps that you can immediately apply to your own situation and make a difference in how you manage and navigate your divorce.

Jonathan's programs have saved clients thousands in legal fees and and assets retained.


Design the outcome you want from your divorce so you are ready for the challenges ahead


Discover how to build a strong mindset and the emotional resilience to face into the challenges ahead


Master the techniques used by professional negotiators to negotiate your financial settlement


Create the right action plans to guide your divorce process, key decisions & manage costs


What Jonathan's Clients Say...

"More confident & stronger"

"I just wanted to say, 'thank you' once again for all your help and advice. I felt, slightly anxious before working you, but you soon put me at ease. 

I feel more confident and stronger now going forward. I would not hesitate to recommend you."


"Better than I imagined"

"I spoke with Jonathan, just as I was separating. I wanted someone who was impartial and had been through it, to help guide me during what I could see was going to be a really stressful period of my life.

Working with Jonathan was so much better than I could have imagined. He knew how I felt, the challenges I was facing and how to guide me and keep me sane. Without his help I would not have got through it the way I did. Thank you."


"Just what I needed"

"I first spoke to Jonathan just a few weeks after my husband informed me he wanted a divorce. I was shocked and devastated, and felt completely worthless. That first conversation really set me on the path to recovery.

Jonathan’s calm and soothing manner immediately put me at ease and gave me the encouragement I needed to feel I could face the future. Within just a few weeks, my state of mind has improved significantly and I really feel I can face my divorce as a much stronger, more confident and self assured person. Thank you Jonathan!"


***COMING 2022***


The podcast that shows you how to positively navigate your divorce so that you have clarity, confidence and control.

Each week we'll be interviewing experts who will share their advice, tips and techniques to help you with your divorce.


  • I have spent my career helping people achieve and succeed in their lives.

    My focus now is upon helping people to take control of their divorce; navigate it in a positive way; save money and time; and to use this major life event as the opportunity to create the life they want after divorce.

    ...Accredited Coach

    ...MBA from Henley Business School

    ...Senior executive roles in business & industry bodies

    ...Featured in The Telegraph, The Guardian, Channel 4 & many more

    ...Helped clients win recognition and awards

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